Saffron Interactive to flip the standard approach to blended learning at Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Saffron Interactive (stand 19), will be exhibiting at the one day event on 14 June 2016 at Kensington, Olympia in London. COO, Karim Ladak, alongside James Tyas, instructional designer, will give a seminar about how Saffron has reversed the standard blended learning recipe to make it more immersive, more effective and much more personalised.

Attendees will also be able to try out Saffron’s latest technologies and talk through its consultative approach to improving organisational performance.

‘Blended learning is something Saffron has practiced and promoted for way over a decade now’ says Karim. ‘Our new flipped approach applies data and diagnostics to create a simulated digital learning environment and measure behaviour in a way that transforms classroom interactions and makes them more efficient.’

Delegates that attend the seminar will have opportunity to:

  • Discover where elearning and in-person training fit into the new ‘flipped’ blend
  • Meet the new face of elearning: first-person, fully immersive and suitable for Gen C
  • Understand the incredible data we can get from continuous assessment + self-reflection
  • Learn how to use that data to cut in-person training time by making coaching ten times more effective

Online registration for the summer forum edition of Learning Technologies 2016