Saffron named ‘Top 20 Gamification Company’ for third year

Saffron Interactive has once again been acknowledged as a ‘Top 20 Gamification Company’ by Training Industry, remaining on the list since its inception.

Training Industry has recognised Saffron for the quality, capability and competitive differentiation of Saffron’s work in the industry.

Noorie Sazen, Saffron’s CEO, is delighted that they have been commended for their work. “We allow learners to hone specific skills, in a safe environment, rather than applying gamification for the sake of game-playing. Playing at being a “better me” is often the catalyst to becoming a “better me.”

Researchers from McGonigal to Bavelier have verified the effectiveness of games to produce behavioural and cognitive change. Saffron uses key aspects of games that influence motivation, cognition and metacognition to develop exciting, relevant and user centric experiences that have tangible and measurable results.

Gamification is something we’ve pioneered since 2004, but each year we are finding innovative ways to apply it to continue to deliver a measurable return on investment.” says Karim Ladak, COO.

In addition, data analytics showing key player choices and decisions made because of peer behaviour, identifies barriers to behavioural change so that targeted campaigns can then be put in place. This makes companies more agile and directs spend to achieve predictable results.