Saffron shortlisted for Social & Collaborative Learning Award

Judges at the Learning & Performance Institute have shortlisted Saffron Share, an open-source Learning Experience Network, for the 2014 Learning Awards. The versatile product combines learning content management with ‘social activators’ to speed time-to-competence and open up new frontiers for learning technologies.

“Saffron Share resituates formal learning objects in a dynamic environment which is powered by elastic social drivers,” says Toby Harris, LMS product manager at Saffron. “It’s based on a straight-talking pedagogy that sees a learning experience honestly: as much a group of people as it is a collection of content.”

Saffron Interactive has created bespoke learning platforms for FTSE100 companies and government agencies for several years. This new offering is based on an urgent need for a social enterprise platform which is open source and truly integrated with learning management functions.

“We have a proud track-record of innovation in learning technologies, with products like i-Cast and i-Capture. In the past 12 months, we have invested heavily in an aggressive platform development programme, and this nomination marks the opening of a new era for Saffron and our reputation in this space” says Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron.

“It’s very fitting that what we are calling the ‘Learning Experience Network’ brings to the traditional LMS is the constant possibility of making new connections: both with content and with people.”

The full list of finalists is available here. For more information about Saffron Share, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the team.