Saffron’s Spicy Learning Blog is the world’s top rated elearning blog

On 16 February 2015 the Spicy Learning Blog was placed at number one by eLearning Feeds, whose team of experts rank and score hundreds of elearning blogs. The blog was rated on criteria including its publication frequency, levels of social sharing and the impact articles make on the wider elearning community.

The Spicy Learning Blog shares the top table with e-Learning Industry, the industry analyst and publisher of the well-known ‘Top 20’ lists, along with the LearningStone Blog and Speexx Exchange.

The blog is produced collaboratively by the entire team at Saffron, along with guest contributors. There are hundreds of posts available as far back as 2008 which share insights and document ever-evolving best practices in learning technologies and instructional design.

“The top rating by eLearning Feeds is a credit to the thought leadership which is regularly produced by the dedicated team at Saffron,” says Noorie Sazen, CEO at Saffron. “As a business which helps our clients to unlock the power of insight within their organisations, we think it’s equally important to give back to the community and the industry by sharing our insights, top tips and advice. Thank-you to everyone who reads and shares the blog!”

The Spicy Learning Blog is published weekly on Saffron Interactive’s website. Many blog posts are extended in the Insights area, which features longer articles by expert Saffron team members and industry thought leaders on key topics for learning and development.

A full list of the top rated blog is available at