Video: How user experience, personalisation and social context puts learners in the driving seat

At Learning Technologies 2015 we delivered an interactive seminar with IBC, a leading Danish business school, which is shaking up the market for online business education. In partnership with Saffron Interactive, IBC is spearheading the move to offer learners a ‘consumer-technology’ user experience on any device.

The seminar demonstrates how a compelling user-journey based on custom branding, personalisation, self-directed discovery and social interaction is essential if you want to engage a digitally native audience. Listen in the recording to find out:

  • How your audience expects the bespoke, personalised, experience they enjoy as consumers
  • How to win engagement from your audience in a model based on ‘pull’ instead of ‘push’
  • Best practice for ensuring your learning platform is truly multi-device and mobile-ready
  • Why social context is king  if you want an ‘Amazon-like’ experience for your learners
  • Additional examples of successful user experience in learning platform design setting

Want to read more? Take a look at our case study. Or how about getting in touch with Saffron to see how we can realise your own platform aspirations.