Serious gamification for serious threats

As we’ve seen with the ever-increasing prominence of cyber incidents in the modern business world, technology brings a whole host of threats to the security table. Employees must be kept prepared against shifting menaces that can change from one day to the next. They make up the first bastion against encroaching digital threats, and learning must change their behaviour so that new patterns of action become the norm.

This seminar looks at how to:

  • Create engaging scenarios and simulations that drive home the importance of security awareness and give learners the agency to defend the organisation themselves.
  • Infuse the learning with behavioural science that harnesses intangible emotional forces to generate real behavioural change.
  • Apply gamification in a serious manner to create interventions that interest – without gimmicks.
  • Utilise social, collaborative, and iterative learning to stay at the spearhead of digital defence.
  • Put these elements into practice, with case studies and metrics from real-world work with Saffron’s clients.